We are now very interested in soft sculpture made by natural material called 'fabric’.
People are longing for something lovable.
It might be in the memories of one's childhood, or it might be in the interactions with something important.
The existence which one can't help loving,,,We want to express such existence through soft sculpture.
Of course designs and skills are important, but more importantly, if we could touch your heart through our works, it would be our great pleasure.

NAME Ma’Sal - Ma'sal is a collaborate name of Kumiko and Masaru.


We are living in mountain village in an ancient capital of Japan.

Ma'Sal - Plofile

Kumiko is a solid objects creator with every possible media.

Masaru is an artist. Masaru's works are in the collection of Japanese National Museum of Modern Art.

Ma'Sal's eBay ID is " toy "            中野勝 & 中野久美子